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Buying gifts for your loved ones is always a pleasure, but most of us get stuck in a place where we are unable to find the perfect gift for our friends and family. Especially if you are looking for a gift for a whiskey drinker, you have to search a lot, as you might not be sure of what they like. To help you out we have come up with a list of gifts you can gift a whiskey drinker.

Small Whiskey Barrels from Top Shelf Barrels

Give man whiskey and he can drink for a day, give him a whiskey barrel and let him drink forever… Top Shelf Barrels offers a variety of different size whiskey barrels that can be use to age whiskey in your home. These can also be used to barrel age beer.

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses:

Whiskey is something which is made with patience, and thus it needs to be enjoyed, and the craftsmanship of whiskey making need to be appreciated. Whiskey thus deserves a fine glass. Rikke Hagen designed the Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses, and it is designed in such a way that it enhances the taste and expression of the aged whiskey.

The World Atlas of Whisky:

If you know someone who happens to be a seasoned collector of whiskey you can buy them The World Atlas of Whisky which is written by Dave Broom who is an award-winning author, and he explains the flavours of whiskey and also talks about various distilleries all over the world.

The Macallan Ice Ball Maker:

It is always nice to drink whiskey nice and cold, but if you leave the ice for a longer time in the glass, it will melt and dilute the mixture. The Macallan Ice Ball Maker makes spherical ice which has a lesser surface area and thus the ice would take a longer time to melt while still making a drop in the temperature. The Macallan Ice Ball Maker makes four round ice balls in a few minutes, and the device are made out of aluminium alloy.

Gentleman Whisky Pipette Eisch:

Sometimes when you add a few drops of fresh distilled water to the whiskey, you can experience a whole new flavor and aroma. One needs to know how much water to add to whiskey to bring out the perfect flavor and taste and Gentleman Whisky Pipette Eisch is a perfect way to do that.

West Elm Terrace Bar Cart:

West Elm Terrace Bar Cart is a brilliant place to keep your whiskey. It has a glass shelf on the top and on the bottom where you can place the whiskey bottles or glasses. However the furniture is too expensive, but if you are looking for a place to keep your whiskey bottles, this seems to be a good option.

Randolf Dordoni Ice Bucket:

Some of the whiskey drinkers like it neat while others prefer on the rocks, it is all a matter of preference. The Randolf Dordoni Ice Bucket is designed in such a way that the huge ice cubes will stay at the top, and the smaller ones will go to the bottom.