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Barrels are not only for wines and whiskey anymore. Barrels are now being used to make beer, but they are considered to be risky process as it takes a lot of time and money for the beer to age. As each barrel is different, you will not be quite sure of what you will get when you open the barrel. Barrel ageing of beer is quite popular in Goose Island and many of the breweries even experiment with wine, tequila, old bourbon, rum etc. We have compiled some of the popular barrel aged beer, and the following are some of the barrel aged beers that you need to buy the moment you see them. Try it yourself with by buying a small whiskey barrel.

Natura Morta with blood orange:

Green Flash is a cellar 3 barrel program, and they have limited bottles that are manufactured. One of the latest ones is a Belgian-style beer which is brewed with ginger and orange peel. The beer is fermented in Brettanomyces yeast, and it is aged in French oak and red wine barrels. The taste of the beer is sweet and tangy.

Founders backwoods bastard:

Backwoods Bastard is quite popular, and it is a favourite drink for many people. The beer has about 11.6% of alcohol, and it also has flavours of vanilla, caramel, coconut, maple and dark fruits flavours.

Brooklyn intensified coffee proter:

The prices of beer are constantly increasing but the when compared to high-end wine and other alcohol, beer is relatively inexpensive. Many people will not consider spending a lot of money on a beer bottle, but you definitely need to try out the Brooklyn intensified coffee porter. It has only 11.8% alcohol, and it is coffee and bourbon infused. Some of the other flavors that are added as dark fruit, chocolate, coffee, leather etc.

Wineification from Bruery:

The bottles that are made are blended with Grenache grapes, and the beer is aged in French oak barrels or bourbon barrels. The beer is loaded with flavors such as tannin, Grenache, dark chocolate and barrel notes.

Rumkin from Avery:

Avery is a brewing company which has been ageing beers for a long time. They have a variety of options to choose. Some of them taste like tart Ginger Sour while others taste bitter and smoky. One of the brewery’s classic is the Rumkin, and these are available only once a year from August to October. The beer is aged in rum barrels, and it has about 175% of alcohol content in it.

Curieux from Allagash’s brewing company:

Curieux was one of the first aged beer bottles that were made by Allagash’s brewing company. They age the beer in bourbon for several weeks and blend it with fresh Tripel so as to bring out a lighter mixture. You will end up getting a smooth beer with flavours of vanilla.